How do I configure my DMARC record?

The Agari Customer Protect portal offers a DMARC building tool which can be found by going to Tools> DMARC:



Before you can create a DMARC record, you will need to search the domain for an already existing DMARC record. For this example, I will be using a made up domain to ensure there is no DMARC record:


The tool lets us know that there currently is no DMARC record in place. We will then want to click on the "Create Record" button. This will take us to the DMARC builder tool:



If this is your first time configuring a DMARC record, we strongly suggest reading the documentation found in the link provided on the page. If you are a DMARC building champ, then you may feel the need to use the "Advanced Settings".

Once you have configured your settings, you will want to click the "Continue" button. This will take you to a page which will display the DMARC record you have created:



Please remember, this does not mean your DMARC record is now in place. The Agari PRO portal can not make configuration changes to your DNS. However, you will see a button "Create Instructions" next to your DMARC record which will begin the download process of a TXT document you can pass on to your DNS team.

For further information on DMARC records, please read the following documentation:

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Agari Support!



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