How do I test my SPF record?

Agari Customer Protect has a very useful SPF checking tool. This can be located by logging into your Agari PRO portal and going to: Tools>SPF




By adding a domain and then clicking "Look up", you will be presented with the currently configured SPF record. For this example, I have used our domain:


As you can see, I am presented with the SPF record as well as a breakdown of what this record really means. I get to understand how many IP addresses are actually authorized as well as how many DNS querying mechanisms/modifiers are being used. This is very useful information to have about a SPF record.

Speaking of useful information, you also have the ability to drill down deeper into the SPF record information. You can do this by clicking the link "Record Details".




This record is correctly configured. However, if the record is incorrect, Agari Customer Protect will provide an error message indicating the issue. 



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