What are the different Failure Reporting options I can configure in my DMARC record?

In the DMARC spec it states that you have the option to request how you would like your generated failure reports to be sent. The DMARC participants who generate these reports may choose to adhere to your requested options (But they do not have to if they choose not to). The tag attribute for your failure reports is: fo=. This tag can only be honored if you have a ruf= tag configured (ruf= tag is the tag used to specify the email address you would like to receive your failure reports). If this tag is not present, then it will be ignored. Here are the reporting options you can configure:



Generate a DMARC failure report if all underlying authentication mechanisms failed to produce an aligned "pass" result.



Generate a DMARC failure report if any underlying authentication mechanism failed to produce an aligned "pass" result.



Generate a DKIM failure report if the message had a signature that failed evaluation, regardless of its alignment. DKIM- specific reporting is described in [AFRF-DKIM].


For further spec information, you can view the RFC here: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-kucherawy-dmarc-base/?include_text=1

To configure these options using the Agari PRO DMARC builder tool, you can find them under the Advanced Settings option. 

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